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Tammy T 


Mulit-Award winning Artist

TRIBUTE - Bob Marley Tribute Band





Mystic Fire 


Jeoffery Scott, also known as Mystic Fire, started his career as a dancer. He hails from Hendon, St. James. He founded his passion for the Art of Fire and decided to intern with an experienced trainer to teach him the fire technique. Despite facing many challenges and suffering countless injuries from his training, he never gave up. With the support of his family, he is now working in luxurious hotels across Jamaica, such as Paradise Cove, and Grand Palladium. He is living his life's dream as a fireman.



Kahlil is a Hebrew word that means “Brotherhood or Friends” so it was by no accident a group of five young men decided to form a group calling it Kahlil. They have been on their journey of making a change in the music industry which has given them many varied experiences. Kahlil started with rural church commitments then later entered the Jamaican north coast resort circuit by doing acapella dinner performances.


It was Digicel Rising Stars, a national television show, which brought Kahlil to the attention of Jamaica. Many hailed them as the best group on the island and definitely the best group of the competition to date. Their new-found national fame had top producers working with them and major music industry players seeking to work with them. 

Suzanne Perkins 



SUZANNE PERKINS Unlike most singers, Suzanne Perkins did not start singing in church or at school; actually, when asked she can only remember singing once in the latter part of High School. So how could that powerhouse of vocals stay undiscovered for so long? Suzanne always stayed clear of the spotlight. She has much to say but until now did not find her medium to do so. When given a pen and a rhythm she just explodes lyrically. Finding her comfort zone on stage and just belting with her gift she connects to her audience. Always wanting to be a singer she was convinced at sixteen (16) years old by family and friends to enter National Talent contest “Digicel Rising Star” where she earned the title as the youngest finalist in the competition’s history. 

Garth Jobson


Soca Blaze


Shauna - Too Good Trio



Tashauna “Shauna” Williams (born November 12, 1990), is a humble victor of both Jamaican Music competitions “On The Verge” and “The Big Stage” in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Originating from Montego Bay, St. James, Shauna grew up and enjoys singing in church choirs as well as music bands and has worked with a variety of groups namely: “2Good”, “Soultry” and “Tribute”. She has also made past collaborations with other artists like Ryme Minister for a duet on “Until We Meet Again”. 

Shauna signed with ShowJam Promotions in 2008 and over the years her supporters have been her main source of inspiration. She has a sincere passion for music and hopes to work with other artists in the industry with an equal desire.

Evolution Dance Group 



Evolution will take you on an evolutionary Journey of Dance. Highlighting various forms of Jamaican dance including Ska, Dancehall, Mento, African, Soca and More  

Children of the Drums 


In the rituals of the Maroons, Kumina, Revivalism, Pocomania, Rastafarianism, and reggae, the African drum is never quiet. But how could it have been in a country where during a particular period of our chequered past it was the singular voice of liberation and promise? In its hypnotic and pulsating beats like its power and strength. It is even immortal.

From one generation to the other, it has passed on its diverse vocabularies and poignant cadences, conveying messages of freedom, sounds to move the mind and body. Now, it's a constant reminder of what should never happen again and a revered symbol of our musical heritage, to be preserved for posterity.

Samantha Bogle